Construction Underway

We are pleased to announce construction of the Alexandra Rotary Park and Visitor Activity Precinct is underway. The project includes installation of new play equipment and footpaths, a pump track in Hec Ingram Reserve and landscaping works to create a family friendly space for the community and visitors to enjoy. Works are expected to take around six months to complete, weather permitting.

Council’s contractors have put up temporary fencing around the Hec Ingram Reserve playground and pump track and this area is closed to the public, including the pedestrian bridge over UT Creek and the walking track that goes along the creek.

Due to overwhelming feedback from the community about access to the walking track, we will investigate options to safely provide access to the track during the construction period. In the meantime, a detour will be in place for pedestrians via Grant, Downey and Albert Streets. We understand that this is not ideal for those who regularly use this track or the surrounding facilities, however this is the safest and most efficient way to complete the project.

This $1.725 million project is possible due to the support from Sport and Recreation Victoria and Regional Development Victoria.

Construction Timeline

  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    3 August

    Diggers will move in and remove playground and landscape items in readiness for construction

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    8 August

    The park will be fully fenced to ensure safety and security for construction

  • Timeline item 3 - complete


    Works will commence to level and landscape the site in readiness for the delivery of the larger items

  • Timeline item 4 - complete

    January - February, 2023

    Construction ends and project complete

Murrindindi Shire Council is pleased to present the detailed design for the Alexandra Rotary Park and Visitor Activity Precinct (previously known as the Alexandra Youth Precinct or Alexandra Rotary Park Play Space).

Following community consultation in 2018 and 2019 on a draft Masterplan to link Hec Ingram Reserve and the Rotary Park playground together as one precinct, Council applied to the Victorian Government for grant funding to help us deliver the Project for the Alexandra community.

The Victorian Government has since granted $1.05 million in funding for the Project, which will see the development of a pump track in Hec Ingram Reserve, a play space in Rotary Park and aesthetic improvements to the area, including the open grassed and landscaped areas. And with Council's contribution of $675,000 this brings the projects total value to $1.725 million. This $1.725 million project is possible due to the support from Sport and Recreation Victoria and Regional Development Victoria. We’re grateful for their vision and commitment to the redevelopment of the Alexandra Rotary Park and Visitor Activity Precinct.

Thank you to everyone who provided ideas and feedback along the way. The Alexandra Rotary Park and Visitor Activity Precinct Project is set to update and extend Rotary Park, which is already a key visitor stopping point in Alexandra and an important community park. The Project will integrate areas which are currently being underused to create a new inclusive public area, where community members, especially young people can connect and be active. The Project will also provide a family friendly space for the community and visitors, where they can relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Key Initiatives

The detailed design has some key initiatives, including

  • The northern play space, which offers a diverse range of play opportunities primarily focused toward children aged 13 and under.
  • The southern play space, which offers play opportunities for climbing, balancing and sensory/sound - appealing to a broad age group, encouraging cooperative group play and physical challenge.
  • The pump track, which is located on the western side of the site and connects to the existing skate park.
  • The existing natural landscape with its abundance of vegetation and high variance in topography will be further enhanced.
  • The central area, which will be an inclusive and family friendly park, including park furniture to encourage rest and social gatherings.

What's Next

Council is currently inviting suitability qualified contractors to submit a tender bid for the construction phase of the Project. Once a successful contractor is appointed, construction will commence in 2022. Council will provide regular updates on this Project as it progresses, including information around design updates and park closures prior to and during construction.


During community engagement processes in 2018, Council gathered ideas and feedback from over 200 people to help us develop a draft Masterplan. Some of the main suggestions included

  • upgrading play equipment to meet the needs of the local community
  • redeveloping the existing dirt mounds to support growing interest in BMX and mountain bike riding, by creating a formalised pump track
  • improving pathways for greater access and inclusion
  • landscaping
  • plenty of space for vehicle parking

In 2019, we asked the community for feedback on the draft Masterplan, which helped inform the detailed design. We used your feedback to make changes to the concept designs, to ensure the the precinct would better serve the community.