The Blue Gums to Eildon Recreational Trail is the first stage in a long-term plan to connect Eildon and Thornton to Alexandra and the Great Victorian Rail Trail (GVRT).

Following extensive planning and community consultation in 2016, Council applied to Regional Development Victoria for funding under the Regional Tourism Investment Program for this first stage. We were successful in receiving funding of $1.77 million to supplement Council’s $190,000 investment to deliver this exciting Project!

The trail has the potential to increase ‘year round’ tourism to the region and increase tourist expenditure and length of stay, which will help improve the financial viability of businesses in Eildon and surrounding areas. The attraction will result in increased employment in the region, including during the construction phase of the Project.

About the project

The Blue Gums to Eildon Recreational Trail Project will see the construction of a 2.6 km walking and cycling trail between the Eildon Town Centre, the pondage, and the Breeze Bluegums Riverside Holiday Park.

The Holiday Park attracts around 2000 visitors during its peak season and the Trail will provide safe, off-road access for day and overnight visitors along the picturesque Back Eildon Road and Goulburn River. The Trail will provide a direct link from the popular Park to Eildon’s local shops, businesses and tourism operators and it will encourage greater use of Eildon’s parks, playgrounds and facilities.

Further information

The works will involve the construction of pavement and surfacing, crossings to support access to private property, waterway crossings/culverts, rest areas, barrier fences and will involve landscaping and reinstatement works. We will need to remove six trees in order to complete the Trail. These trees are not in great condition and have been assessed by Council’s arborist as being suitable for removal. We will be planting additional trees along the trail and encourage community members to have their say on the planting locations. In the image below you can see the locations of the trees that will be impacted.

Community Consultation

As part of this important project, Council provided an opportunity for the community to have input on the seating and facility locations along the trail, as well as the tree planting locations using interactive maps and an online form.

The community also had a chance to provide feedback on the trail design before it was finalised.