In October and November 2022, we sought input from the community on the format of future waste services. Several engagement methods were used to gather feedback from our community, including online and paper surveys, with 198 responses gathered, and in person discussions at a series of pop-up events across the Shire, where community members were asked to vote on different services formats. We also offered two online information sessions, which did not proceed due to limited registrations.

Based on the findings from this consultation, we have learned that:

  • There is broad support from the community for the introduction of a four-bin kerbside collection service, with the majority of survey respondents preferring the following service format:
    • General Rubbish: collected fortnightly.
    • Mixed Recycling: no change - collected fortnightly.
    • Food and Garden Organics: collected weekly.
    • Glass Recycling: collected monthly
  • The most important aspects of the service include:
    • reduced waste to landfill (ranked of highest importance)
    • cost of the service
    • recovery of recyclable materials
  • Many survey respondents have concerns about the cost to Council in providing these new services, and how this will affect the Waste and Recycling Charge collected via Council rates.
  • The majority of survey respondents (63%) think that all ratepayers should contribute to the cost of providing Shire-wide waste services. And 77% think disposal costs at our Resource Recovery Centres should continue to be subsidised by the Waste and Recycling Charge collected via Council rates.

For full results, please click here for the Community Engagement Findings Report.


Stage 2

In line with the Victorian Government’s Recycling Victoria Policy, Murrindindi Shire Council, along with all councils across the state, is required to transition to a four-stream waste and recycling system.

The four-stream system is separated into:

  • General rubbish (red lid)
  • Mixed recycling (yellow lid)
  • Glass recycling (purple lid)
  • Food and garden organics (green lid)

Across Victoria, the four streams are mostly being introduced as kerbside services, meaning a four-bin system, complimented by drop off services. However, we understand one size doesn’t fit everyone and this approach may not be right for Murrindindi Shire. We are now trying to work out how to best implement the new system, which will come into effect in 2025.

To help us understand what will work best for our community, Council is seeking your input on a range of factors that will shape the way these future waste and recycling services are provided.

With some of your waste and recycling being directed to the new services, there may be changes to the existing kerbside services, including how often your general rubbish bin is collected. There are also some things won’t change, like your recycling bin being collected fortnightly.

Meanwhile, Council, together with councils across North-East Victoria, is participating in a joint tender for waste and recycling collection services. Community feedback will be considered as we move through the tender evaluation process and will influence our decision-making.

There are a number of ways you can get involved

Next steps

All feedback received will be considered and used to help standardise our household waste and recycling across Murrindindi Shire. Early next year we will report back to the community on the outcome of this engagement with a chosen model of waste collection. We will also keep you up-to-date on the outcomes of the tender process.

During 2023 and 2024, Council will work together with the community to help provide you with answers to all the detailed questions about the new service, including what materials can go in each bin, costs involves and exemptions.


Thank you for your feedback

From 5 October to 13 November 2022, we asked you to provide your thoughts and feedback on how you would like to see the four-stream system implemented in Murrindindi Shire. We received 267 submissions from the community and we are currently reviewing the information. Thank you to those community members who took the time to submit your ideas. Your valuable feedback will help us finalise the waste and recycling system.

  • 700 people visited the project webpage

    with 267 contributions made

  • 140 Quick Poll responses

    • 71 online
    • 69 face to face
  • Current kerbside collection

    • 96% Yes
    • 4% No
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