These days, most of us are reliant on mobile phones and internet for work, education, emergency information, and to keep in contact with friends and family. We know these services vary in their reliability, accessibility and consistency across our Shire. Council is seeking input from the community to help us better understand your experience and identify what these issues are.

There are a number of ways you can get involved:

To view and add comments on the map, follow the instructions below:

View a Comment

To view a comment, select a target 'map marker' on the map. This will open a panel containing the contributor's comment along with any other information they have contributed.

To close a comment, click the 'X' button within the panel.

Add a Comment

To add a comment to the map, please follow these steps:

  1. Use the 'Address Search' to find an address, nav or pan the map to the general location you want to add your comment.
  2. Select the 'Add Marker' button and click / tap the specific location on the map you want to leave your comment. This will open an input form at the side of the map.
  3. Fill out the details of the input form as required. When finished, select the 'Submit' button to leave your comment on the map.