The 2021-2025 Council Plan, Year 1 Priority Action Plan and 10 Year Financial Plan were adopted in October 2021. The final documents are now available in the Document Library. Thank you to community members who participated.

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Murrindindi Shire Council is pleased to present its draft 2021-2025 Council Plan, Year 1 Priority Action Plan and 10 Year Financial Plan for community feedback.

The draft Council Plan will guide Council’s work over the next four years and has been developed based on recent community consultation processes, which were carried out as part of the Shaping Our Future project. The Plan outlines our shared goals for the future and provides tangible and achievable actions for Council to deliver.

The draft Council Plan’s objectives and strategies are designed to support the Community Vision. The work is organised around five key pillars:

  • Resilient Communities
  • Beautiful Townships and Rural Settings
  • Growth and Opportunity
  • Our Protected Environment
  • Transparent, Inclusive and Accountable

The draft 10-Year Financial Plan guides the use of Council’s resources to deliver infrastructure, services and programs in a sustainable way. It sets out how we intend to remain financially viable to deliver our work. This important strategic document should be considered alongside the draft Council Plan.

The draft Year 1 Priority Action Plan is also available. It outlines the key actions that we will pursue during the current financial year (July 2021 to June 2022), towards implementing all the strategies in the four year Council Plan 2021-2025.

Feedback is now closed
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We encourage you to review the draft Council Plan, Year 1 Priority Action Plan and Financial Plan before providing your feedback. They are in the Document Library on the right-hand side of this page.

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Feedback is now closed

What is a Council Plan?

The Council Plan is a key strategic plan and reflects the outcome of stakeholder and community engagement. The Council Plan describes the strategic objectives, ways to achieve the objectives, indicators for measuring progress and the resources required to implement the plan.

In accordance with the Local Government Act 2020, Council must prepare and adopt a Council Plan for a period of at least the next four financial years, after a general election.

What is a Financial Plan?

The Financial Plan is a key element of the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework. It enables Council to set priorities, based on their resourcing capabilities, for the delivery of short, medium and long term community priorities. The Financial Plan is a ten year plan that outlines the resources required to fund Council Plan priorities. From these planning processes, Annual Budgets that are aligned with strategic objectives are then developed each financial year. The Financial Plan indicates Council’s long term financial sustainability, allows early identification of financial issues and their longer term impacts, shows the linkages between specific plans and strategies, and enhances Council’s transparency and accountability to the community.


Stage 1

Earlier this year, Council kicked off the Shaping Our Future project. We asked you to tell us what you think is important for the future of Murrindindi Shire. We gathered your feedback via a survey (including online, paper, phone and Easy English options). Over 500 people got involved and shared their ideas, thoughts and opinions. For information about the different community engagement tools used during this phase of the project, you can view our Community Engagement Report.

Stage Two

Based on the input gathered from the community in Stage 1, Council prepared a draft Community Vision. A Community Vision is an important document that describes our community’s long-term aspirations for Murrindindi Shire. During June, Council asked for community feedback on the draft Vision and we received a total of 26 responses, with 81% in support of the Vision. After considering all feedback some minor changes were made to the draft Vision that was then presented as a final version to Council at its Meeting on 28 July, where it was adopted.

The Murrindindi Shire 10-year Community Vision can be seen here. It has been used to inform the direction for the 2021-2025 Council Plan. You can also read more about what we heard from community members in our Community Vision Findings Report.

Building the Council Plan

Building on the Community Vision, Council has developed a draft Council Plan. You can read more about what we heard from community members in the Shaping Our Future – Council Plan Findings Report.

What’s next?

All feedback will be considered by Council and will help finalise the Council Plan 2021-2025, ready for adoption at the October 2021 Scheduled Meeting of Council.