The Deliberative Panel has been selected and the process is now underway

This Deliberative Panel consists of 25 participants who represent the diversity of the Eildon community as closely as possible.

The Panel will explore:

  • the journey so far, from how the project was initially identified as a need, to how designs were developed in consultation with the community
  • the ways this regionally significant project will enhance the recreation offering and attract more visitors to the area, promote investment and provide a real boost for our local economy
  • the connection between the proposed sale of parcels of land and the need to fund elements of the project
  • the benefits of selling current underutilised land parcels
  • the trade-offs for not selling the land parcels to part fund the project
  • the current housing shortage in Eildon and the options of how to utilise the land parcels, if sold
  • recommendations from the community to Council on the way forward for the Project.

Panel members will be paid $150 for participation in the three (face to face) exploratory sessions, which includes reading time. Additional support will be provided to panel members, to enable you to participate in the entire process, including childcare and assistance with transport

We held an information session at the Eildon Community Centre on Thursday 9 Feb­­­­ruary for community members to learn more about the Eildon Reserves Redevelopment Project, why we need people to be part of the deliberative process, and what you can expect from being part of the Panel.