Help shape the future of Murrindindi Shire

Whether you’re a long-term local, a regular visitor or someone who has recently decided to call our Shire home, Murrindindi Shire Council invites you to share your ideas and opinions on what you think is important for the future of your community.

During March and April, we’ll be asking you what needs to happen for Murrindindi Shire to be the place you want it to be.

Your feedback will help create our

  • Community Vision which captures how you want Murrindindi Shire to be in 2035
  • Council Plan which sets out the work that Council does over the next four years
  • Long term Financial Plan which guides how Council remains financially sustainable

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17 April, 2021

tadpole says:

“install a ramp into the swimming pool for the disabled. take the edges off the pool to make it flat. Conduct aerobic & learn to swim class”

15 April, 2021

Sarah says:

“We need a mural on the spillway at Eildon as a feature for tourists. Something like the silo art trail or the Wellington dam in WA”

13 April, 2021

Phil says:

“How about an off leash dog park in Alex? I think there is space behind the tennis courts that would be perfect!”

12 April, 2021

Fun says:

“BBQ's at Tumbling Waters, fence off play equipment, shade required, more tables & Chairs. More parking. More shade trees.”

12 April, 2021

healthy says:

“A gym is needed in Eildon. Heat the swimming pool to encourage aerobic classes, learn to swim classes, and a longer open pool season.”

12 April, 2021

Fun says:

“Music on the Pondage (Eildon) - Conducted Nature Walks day & Night - star gazing various locations in our shire”

12 April, 2021

fun says:

“Include a flying fox in the proposed splash park at Eildon”

12 April, 2021

Kaz says:

“Attract visitation to our towns - entry points look ugly, uncared for, certainly not inviting eg Eildon roundabouts, Thornton intersection.”

8 April, 2021

sheryl says:

“More street parking in kinglake. ”

8 April, 2021

Sue says:

“In residential areas can we get green collection, due to high fire risk area.”

8 April, 2021

Tip says:

“Two free tip runs per year to accomodate no hard rubbish.”

1 April, 2021

Sar says:

“I would love to see a Mountain bike track in each town including Alexandra. It is great for teens, health and tourism.”



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