Plastic Free July helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution

We know that Murrindindi Shire individuals, communities and businesses are already taking part in actions to reduce use of plastics, and we would love to hear about it. Please share your story about any initiative you've taken to reduce plastic.

Your story will help us understand what Murrindindi Shire community members are already doing to contribute to reducing plastic. Share your story with others to demonstrate what’s possible. Press the "Post your story" button below.

Press the "Post your story" button below.

Here are some questions to help share your story. If you have a picture or video, please feel free to upload it.

What are you already doing to reduce your plastic waste?

What are you going to work on this Plastic Free July to reduce your plastic waste?

What plastics do you find hard to avoid?

What do you think are the benefits of going plastic free?

What is your motivation for taking part in Plastic Free July?

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