Alexandra & District Dog Obedience Club Inc. (ADDOC) was started in 1991 by four women who saw the need for dog training in our area. Since then, the Club has grown and blossomed under the guidance and care of our volunteer instructors and Committee members. We now have a base membership of approximately 60 members, a Committee of 10 and 9 Instructors. On Sunday mornings, our volunteers give up their time to come along and help people to train their dogs. They form the backbone for this friendly, active and important local organisation.

What opportunities are there?

Sadly, opportunities are limited. People who volunteer with us must be prepared to make a solid commitment for their Sunday mornings, and probably, one of the most important requirements is that they have a solid knowledge of all things "dog" and be prepared to learn new training methods with an open mind.

What benefits do volunteers bring to your group and organisation?

Without the volunteers, we would not have a Club. They are the backbone and strength behind this local Club which has been in existence for just over 30 years. They bring knowledge and care, and like nothing better than to share that knowledge with the local community and their dogs. Volunteering is one of the best ways to give back to your community. Cannot recommend it highly enough.