Vic SES responds directly to calls for assistance for Flood, Storm, Tsunami, Landslide and Earthquake. Vic SES supports the Police in responding to Road Accident Rescue, Search and Rescue and assists Ambulance and CFA in their rolls. All SES unit members are volunteers with support staff at Regional and State level.
The Alexandra Unit trains and responds in all aspects of Vic SES roles and responsibilities in emergency management.

What opportunities are there?

The Alexandra SES unit along with other SES units are open to people who would like to volunteer and train in nationally accredited roles, such as Road Accident Rescue, Rescue Boat Operations, Four Wheel Driving, Search and Rescue, Alpine Search and Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, Chainsaw Operation, Crew Leader, Safe Working at Heights, Steep and High Angle Rescue, Traffic Management, Radio Communications, Community Education, First Aid, Administration and a whole host of associated activities.

What benefits do volunteers bring to your group and organisation?

Volunteers donate their time and bring a broad range of knowledge and skills to SES, some people just want to help the community in which they live, in any way they can and may not have particular skills. However they meet like-minded people, learn new skills and help save lives.