Established in 1882, built by the community for the community our boutique Fawcett Hall is the perfect place for functions and is located on Crown Land in Spring Creek Road. Our community has fundraised, applied for and won 14 grants over the last 15 odd years to ensure its return from disrepair to maintaining its rustic charm. With additional new facilities the reserve and the hall lends its self to a variety of functions, meetings and or events.

Our committee itself is made up of members of the Fawcett and Koriella communities and we welcome volunteers either at the Minister appointed AGMs held every three years or a very informal sub committee level to help us with the reserve, special projects or our annual open garden weekend. Currently we have spaces for 1-3 volunteers who would like to attend 6 meetings a year and be involved in the future of the hall.

What opportunities are there?

To be part of a formal group that is committed to looking after our reserve and hall. We as a group decide on small projects that reflect the needs of the community. In many cases we ban together, work with stakeholders and our land managers DELWP to secure funds to complete these projects.

What benefits do volunteers bring to your group and organisation?

A wealth of experience and connections. Volunteers in return can receive a huge a sense of achievement when we all work together as a community for a single common goal.
In many aspects over the years our volunteers have improved their self-esteem and confidence by getting involved, sharing information and skills and assisting in the development of the hall and the reserve for the enjoyment of all.