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The Dindi Sessions 2.0

Following the huge success of 'The Dindi Sessions' last year, Council's Youth Services team once again partnered with a number of professionals in 2021 to bring music industry mentoring, songwriting workshops and a pop-up recording studio to Murrindindi Shire. And, it's all at no cost to the young artists - other than taking the leap of faith in sharing their creativity with a broader audience.

You can see all of the releases on the Youth Services Facebook page here or #thedindisessions on Instagram - Don't forget to 'Like' and 'Share'!

For the first time this year, all of the original tracks are available to download from your favourite online music stores. Just search for 'Dindi Sessions Volume One'.

The Dindi Sessions and Council's Youth Music and Arts Initiatives are supported by funding through the Victorian Government's FReeZA program and Creative Victoria.