Council has prepared a draft Climate Change Policy and is inviting you to share your feedback, to help us understand if the principles and objectives within the Policy reflect the expectations you have of Council in responding to climate change.

In January this year, Council made a formal pledge under the Victorian Climate Change Act 2017 to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2035, adapt our operations to climate change, and support our community to act too.

Our Climate Change Policy will help guide us to achieve these goals and lay the foundation for the development of our Climate Change Action Plan.

Council is required under the Local Government Act 2020 to consider climate change in decision-making. In January 2022, we made a formal pledge under the Victorian Climate Change Act 2017 to:

  • work across all areas of Council responsibility to reach net zero emissions by 2035 in our organisation and support our wider community to do the same.
  • Prepare our organisation for any unavoidable impacts so that we can keep providing essential services to our community.
  • Support our community to transition to a climate-safe way of life.

The purpose of the draft Policy is to guide our transition to net zero emissions by 2035 and clarify our roles and responsibilities in climate change adaptation and mitigation. It also explains our role in supporting our community and businesses to transition towards net zero emissions by 2035 and enables the management of climate change risks and opportunities.

The draft Policy is intended to provide clear guidance to employees, volunteers and contractors of Council and elected representatives in the preparation and implementation of decisions, policies, plans, strategies, projects, processes, or programs.

Our draft Climate Change Action Plan is being prepared and will support the implementation of the Policy. It sets out the steps out the actions and steps we will take as an organisation to deliver on our commitments.

Our draft Plan will focus on three areas


Reducing the greenhouse gases that we pollute into the atmosphere and warm the climate. We can also draw greenhouse gases back down into plants and soils. Leading by example, we hope others will follow in our footsteps.

Becoming more resilient and creative so that we can adjust to the changes in climate and find more sustainable ways of living.

Empowering our community to act and asking other levels of government to do more. Council has pledged to help the community reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2035.

The draft Policy is available in the Exhibition Documents section. Community members are invited to provide feedback on the draft. Submissions close at 12.00 noon on Wednesday 24 August.

How to get involved

Council is now inviting feedback. You can respond in the following ways:


Stage one engagement

Climate change poses serious risks to our health, our unique landscapes and our way of life. We are already feeling its impacts with extreme weather events such as bushfires, heatwaves, storms and floods becoming more frequent and severe.

We also know that climate action will benefit our Shire. Benefits include cheaper and more reliable power, extra income from renewable energy production and carbon credits, and a healthier community that buys local and chooses to walk or cycle instead of drive.

Through the Shaping Our Future consultation last year, many in our community said that we need to act on climate change. In response, Council is developing a climate action plan.

The Plan will act as a roadmap in coming years to help us achieve our goals and work together towards net-zero emissions by 2035. We want to hear more from you about the best actions we can take and how we can help you to act too.

How to get involved

There are many ways you can get involved in the project

  • Provide input via the Taking Climate Action Survey
  • Explore other people’s action ideas on the Gather Board and add your own
  • Attend one of our pop up kiosks

Council acknowledges the urgent need to act on climate change and would like to thank everyone in the community who provided input and shared ideas to help us develop our draft Climate Action Plan.

Your input has helped shape ideas and actions that Council can take to reduce its emissions as an organisation, help our communities adapt to a harsher climate, and support community members, groups, and businesses to move toward net-zero emissions by 2035. Our draft Plan will be made available later in the year with further opportunities for the community to get involved and provide feedback to on our proposed approach.