As part of the Murrindindi Shire Planning Scheme Review, Council is inviting feedback from the community on how the Planning Scheme is working, as well as suggestions or ideas that will help guide future planning work.

The Murrindindi Planning Scheme is a statutory document which sets out objectives, policies and provisions relating to the use, development, protection, and conservation of land and waters. In line with the Planning and Environment Act 1987, Council is required to review its Planning Scheme every four years to ensure it meets the needs of the community and state and local planning policy.

Council is particularly interested in hearing from community members, groups and organisations who have experience with the Planning Scheme, through the permit application process. Insights and input is encouraged on what’s working, what’s not, what can be improved and what Council should focus on.

The process for review comprises of the following steps:

The scope of a planning scheme review is established under Section 12(B) and planning scheme reviews should focus on:

  • The effectiveness and efficiency of the planning scheme in achieving the objectives of planning and the planning framework in Victoria.
  • Aligning the planning scheme with the Ministerial Direction on the Form and Content of Planning Schemes.
  • Ensuring the planning scheme contains a clear narrative about the way use and development of land will be managed to achieve the planning vision or objectives of the area.

Planning scheme reviews also provide the opportunity to:

  • Align Council’s policy position with the planning scheme.
  • Update out of date or redundant information.
  • Educate and inform stakeholders about how the planning scheme works and the process by which to improve it.

Council as the planning authority for the Murrindindi Planning Scheme is required to review its planning scheme every four years under Section 12(B) of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (P&E Act).

Council last undertook a comprehensive review of the planning scheme in 2014. Another review was conducted in 2019 but was not implemented. The findings of this review were translated into the planning scheme via amendment C54murri which was gazetted in June 2015.

Since March, we have been busy collating any strategies, policies, VCAT decisions and past Planning Panel Reports to inform us on strategic matters since the last planning scheme review.

We have undertaken surveys for staff members who use the planning scheme regularly and surveyed referral authorities.

An audit of the current planning scheme has been completed to check for compliance with form and content to ensure it aligns with the Ministerial Direction requirement.

We have engaged with Statutory planners and out Registered Aboriginal Parties.

How to get involved

  • Complete the Survey here
  • Chat with Council’s Principal Strategic Planner, Emma, during ‘Talk to a Planner sessions. Click here to make an appointment
  • Click here to read the marked-up Planning Scheme (ordinance)

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Help guide future planning work

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Next Steps

Your input will assist in prioritising the further strategic work contained within the planning Scheme.

A report will be presented to Council with recommendations. This report will contain a summary of feedback received through consultation. Council is required to submit the adopted review report to the Minister of Planning which is a legal requirement.

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