Council is seeking community input to help plan for future road safety measures across the Shire.

Drivers, motorcyclists, pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users are invited to provide feedback on road safety issues in Murrindindi Shire and how they think road safety can be improved.

As outlined in a 2021 review into road trauma in Murrindindi and Strathbogie Shires, Murrindindi Shire recorded the highest number of crashes compared to other small rural shires and 15 of the 19 large rural shires in Victoria, with several factors contributing to this statistic.

Feedback gathered will help shape the development of Council’s draft Road Safety Strategy and Action Plan, with the goal of reducing road trauma, death and serious injury on our roads by implementing tangible safety measures and initiatives.

Our Road Safety Strategy and Action Plan will provide a framework to help us, and other stakeholders, achieve the vision of zero road deaths and serious injuries by 2050, which in line with the Victorian Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030.

Community members are invited to get involved by sharing their thoughts on road safety issues, including personal experiences, or by attending an online ‘Community Conversation’ event, where they can learn more about the project and provide input. More information on how you can get involved in available below.

  • help you understand why a Road Safety Strategy and Action Plan is needed.
  • gather community input on road safety issues in Murrindindi Shire, which will help us develop the new Strategy.
  • invite early feedback on what you think the new Strategy needs to achieve.

In 2021, Murrindindi and Strathbogie Shire Councils completed a ‘Review of the Murrindindi and Strathbogie Shire Road Trauma Research, Crash Analysis Report’. The report stated Murrindindi Shire had higher overall crash numbers compared to all small rural shires and 15 out of 19 large rural shires in Victoria. Crash statistics indicate that 72% of persons involved in crashes resided outside the Shire, while 56% of crashes occurred on weekends. More than half of all crashes that occurred in Murrindindi Shire involved a motorcyclist. These results indicate that travel for recreation and the use of motorcycles are a significant cause of many crashes in our Shire. Additionally, the windy roads and rolling terrain within Murrindindi Shire may contribute to many crashes in the area.

Following this Report, Council applied for, and was successful in receiving funding under the Transport Accident Commission’s Road Safety Grant Program to enable us to prepare a Road Safety Strategy and Action Plan.

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility, and we recognise that the people within our communities may be best placed to identify specific problems that are relevant to their towns. With this important work well and truly underway, we will work closely with key stakeholders throughout the project to prepare a well-informed Strategy and Action Plan.

How to get involved and stay informed

  • Share your thoughts on key road safety issues by completing the survey here
  • Attend an online Community Conversation event, click here for details
  • Register to participate in a focus group sessions here
  • Chat with us in person at

Yea Foodworks on Monday 11 September, from 9.30 am to 12.00 noon

Alexandra Foodworks on Thursday 21 September from 2.00 to 4.30 pm

Kinglake Market on Sunday 24 September from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm

The consultation period closes Sunday 8 October

Next Steps

Once we have gathered feedback during this initial phase of the project, we’ll prepare the draft Road Safety Strategy and Action Plan and release it for public comment around November 2023.

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