The Eildon Pondage is enjoyed by many people, whether you like to fish, run, walk or relax around the Lower Pondage with a BBQ or picnic. It’s a fabulous spot, but we want to make it even better! That's why Council is developing an Eildon Pondage Precinct Masterplan. The Masterplan presents a unique opportunity to improve this important area in Eildon for both locals and visitors.

We’re asking you to share with us how you use the Pondage and your ideas on how we could improve it. Your input will help us develop the Masterplan, which will guide future development and key projects, as well as help Council and other agencies to budget and seek funding required to deliver improvements.

How to get involved:

Share your ideas on how we could improve the area

  • Complete the online survey here
  • Drop a pin on the Interactive Map here
  • Chat with us in person at Eildon Grocer/FoodWorks
    on Thursday 21 September from 3.00 5.00 pm
    on Thursday 28 September from 10.00 am - 12.00 noon

The Precincts


Recognising the previous Strategic Planning work undertaken for Eildon over the past 20 years, the project gathers all relevant information relating to the Pondage Precinct.

It’s now time to start the Masterplan. The preparation of a Masterplan will include concept plans for precincts with costings to inform Council’s proposal and budget.

Now we need your help to identify and prioritise what's important, using the input gathered over the years to inform the development of the project.

Let's refine, cost, budget, and make it happen together.

Next Steps

We will prepare a summary of the information gathered during the community engagement stage and a prepare a summary report, draft Masterplan and simple questionnaire for Stage Two consultation.

A report will be generated with all your suggestions, summarising feedback from the Loop, community pop-up sessions and face-to-face consultation. Your input will help us identify what is important to the community and users of the Pondage Precinct as well as inform us on key priorities for delivery.

A Council Report and master plan will be presented to Council at the December Scheduled meeting.