We want to ensure local community sport is welcoming, accessible, and inclusive for everyone and that our recreation facilities provide a level playing field for women and girls.

To achieve this, we’re developing a Fair Access Policy and Action Plan, which will help us address barriers in access to sport and recreation and build our capacity to identify and eliminate gender inequality in policy, programs, communications, and the delivery of our services, including community sport infrastructure.

We know there are barriers to participation, and we want to hear from you about what is making it difficult for you to get involved and how we can help make it easier. We want to hear from those who play sport and those who don’t, those who coach and those who want to, sporting organisations and recreational groups, as well as sporting officials like referees, and volunteers and administrators who are involved behind the scenes.

Your feedback will guide the development of our Fair Access Policy and Action Plan – we need your help!

How to get involved

Register for a focus group workshop here

Feedback closes 19 November 2023

Next Steps

All feedback will be considered by Council and will help guide the development of our draft Fair Access Policy and Action Plan.

The draft will be sent to the Office for Women in Sport and Recreation for review and feedback and will then be presented to Council for consideration prior to being available for feedback from the community. It will then be finalised for adoption by June 2024

Feedback gathered from the community now will also provide valuable information when it comes to implementing our Policy and Action Plan, and when collaborating with sporting bodies to help achieve the outcomes for our local communities.