The Honour the Taungurung Yea project group was formed after the Murrindindi Shire's Community Planning Project, after it became apparent that the local residents wanted to learn more about the First Nations People of their area, the Taungurung. We are working to respectfully start to tell the Taungurung history. To date the group has worked with a Taungurung Elder and two Taungurung artists. We were successful in our grant applications to install two beautiful metal artworks that tell different aspects of Taungurung culture.

What opportunities are there?

Anyone who is like minded is able to join our group, we would welcome their involvement and ideas.

What benefits do volunteers bring to your group and organisation?

Without volunteers we would not be a group. The members of the group bring a lot of passion in wanting to tell the Taungurung story of Yea, in many different formats, in which we will work towards.


Dugaluk Ngarrgi- Croaking Frog’s Ceremony.

Taungurung artist Annette Sax in collaboration with her son Iluka Sax-Williams

It depicts a ceremony recorded at Doogallook station in 1842 by Taungurung women and men.

Pic credit TLaWC