Tell us a little about where you volunteer?

At Alex Hub I volunteer Monday to Thursday. I enjoy being there as we are community based and do a lot for those in need. It’s very friendly as we all agree on everything!

How did you get into volunteering?

When we moved to Alexandra I wanted to do something to keep me busy. As a retired nurse I always wanted to help with community efforts so I approached the managers and explained I would be happy to do anything needed.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

The people I volunteer with have become my friends. I do a lot of walking and rearranging furniture. I enjoy physical and mental work. We have a lot of fun and the best thing is I find out about Alexandra’s history.

Is there anything you find challenging about volunteering?

Not really most things I really enjoy.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about volunteering?

It’s good to be fit and happy. Always be honest about what you can or can’t do . As a volunteer family comes first, so always make sure to let managers know well ahead of time when you are not available.